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A Morning at the Beach

In most recent history southern California has been uncharacteristically wet and cloudy (high-five for getting past the drought!!) but last week the sun finally made a cameo appearance. While I actually love a good ol’ moody cloud filled day, I’ve been aching for some sun. We planned a morning at the beach to celebrate and took advantage of the pretty weather. On the way down we got a little picnic breakfast and for the first time since, what feels like October, we actually got to wear our bathing suits again. Margot spent her time eating my croissant, sucking down my juice and running around pointing out all of the bugs she could find. She pronounces them “buh-ee” and gets so jazzed when she spots them – you’d think she found a diamond in the sand, “MA-MA, BUH-EE!!!”. We ate breakfast and splashed around in the water at ankle depth for a few hours and then headed home for nap time. Nothing especially exciting happened but the air was warm, I was with my people, and there wasn’t a toddler melt down in sight. All-in-all, I’d say it was pretty perfect. Here’s to hoping the sun graces us once again sometime soon.  (I write as a thick marine layer currently coats my view…)

I got such a tastey juice on the way down to the beach –  watermelon, lime, cucumber and mint – if you have a juicer give it a shot! Doesn’t that sound like summer in a glass?

Margot kept wanting us to fill her bucket up with water, she would bring it to me or Julian and say “wa-wa!” So, we would walk with her down to the water, fill up the bucket and walk back to our chairs. Within a couple minutes she’d have turned the bucket upside down giggling at us with her 6 teeth, presenting the empty bucket, “Dada! wa-wa!” and we’d do it all again….I think she just liked the journey.

As you can tell, Margs has also been suuuuuper generous with the kisses lately.

Which I definitely don’t hate.

With rosey cheeks smelling like sunscreen and salt we went home. M hasn’t been napping well lately (teething x4).  So, after a failed attempt at getting her to nap on her own I decided to forego my to-do list and lay down with her instead. We both dosed off  about an hour. I woke up before she did and I layed there looking at her little face. Why do I ever think I have anything more important to do than watch her sleep?! …..Okay, I’m kidding, that would be ridiculous. Things need to get done around here, right?! But I always have thoughts like that in the moment…so maybe theres some validity to it. Maybe I just shouldn’t take my to-do list so seriously and cuddle up with her for nap time more often, because when I do, it’s my favorite part day.

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