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    Mornings At Home + JORD watch giveaway!

    In the most wonderful way, life has been a bit chaotic at the Hollar house for the past week! We are finally getting boxes into the dumpster rather than in our living room and things are beginning to feel a bit more like home. Instead of relying of door dash we actually made dinner at home today for the first time since we moved in and now it reaaaaally feels like we actually live here!

    With all that has been going on I have been thankful more than ever for the mornings Julian gets to go to work a bit later and is able to help out. As I am sitting here writing this blog post wearing the very same thing I have on in these photos (because I wear the same thing to bed several nights in a row..does anyone else do that? No judgements) I feel like I want to share that our mornings do not always look quite as beautiful and most definitely are not always as orderly – but you might as well give it all you’ve got if you’re going to document a certain morning right?!

    I just figure: As time is flying by, I want to remember the everyday moments with Margot, not just the parties and holidays.

    We usually start off with our Margot-alarm waking us up around 7:30. Most days I try to wake up at 7 to get a few minutes of “me-time” before she wakes up. A lot of mornings my “me-time” ends up being spent looking at the back of my eyelids, but I suppose that’s good for me too. Probably my favorite part of the day happens next, groggy cuddle time in bed and Margot aaaalways asks for a book. “I Am a Bunny” is one of our very favorites and she loves to point out all the items on each page. Usually one and a half times into the book she realizes she’s hungry and wants a “manny” (banana – no one knows why she calls it a manny) and she’ll try to crawl away coaxing her non-morning type parents out of bed.

    Jules loves to be in the kitchen so he will often cook breakfast when he’s home. Margs loves eggs so usually thats what we will do with a big ol’ glass of milk. Eating with M is usually quite an event. I’d estimate that about 1/3 of hers ends up on the floor…which is better than the 9/10ths we were dealing with 6 months ago, so I’ll take it! She has been boycotting sippy cups lately picking at the top with her fingers yelling “Off! Off! I want off!” So the past two mornings I have tried a regular cup. Biiiiiggggg mistake BOTH mornings she hit it with her elbow and milk ended up everywhere. No crying over spilled milk? Needless to say, we are back to the sippy cups.

    But that smile though, everything is ok when she flashes that toothy smile.

    Now is when mom gets to take a little time to prepare for the day while dad changes diapers, dresses baby girl, and does his very best to make order out of those unruly curls on her head.

    Over the past several months Julian has really made an effort to separate himself from his phone while he is at home. As a personal business owner with 80 employees his phone is always lighting up. He has found that one of the best ways to avoid looking at his phone when it’s unnecessary is by always wearing a wrist watch! I guess it’s not rocket science, but it was a really revolutionary thing! Even if he just doesn’t feel the need to have his phone in his pocket to keep time. About 45 minutes before he needs to leave he will start getting ready for work and his outfit usually involves some variety of the Stance Star Wars socks…

    I’m a bit partial but I think he looks like a total stud.

    One of his (our) favorite watches lately is by JORD. He has the Frankie in ebony & gold. All of their timepieces have a wood band and this one is so light weight you easily forget it is even on. Until you want to know the time, that is. It is sleek & minimal and I love the black face with those gold accents. Just manly enough without being over the top and just beautiful enough that he better watch out or its going to end up on my wrist soon!

    (See what I did there? With the watch out…?)

    He also loves that it can be a “go-to” watch because it coordinates just as well with casual attire as it does a sport coat. He has yet to find an outfit it doesn’t go with!

    Then comes the time to reluctantly say bye to dad. I love this little daddy-daughter relationship, sometimes Margot runs to the front window and repeats combinations of  “bye-da-da-bye-bye-da-da” waving her little hand until he actually drives away. I could almost cry every time!

    I am partnering with JORD to bring you guys a really exciting giveaway. Not only will a winner be picked to get a $100 gift code but every person who enters will get $25 off of a watch! How amazing and generous of them is that?! They also have some pretty great looking ladies watches too 🙂 Click the link below to enter the giveaway!

    I’m so thankful that this partnership with Jord gave me the idea to document our morning routine. It’s sweet times like this that I all too often take for granted and I know I will miss when she’s older and we’re running off to school 5 days a week.

    But wait… I’m never going to let her get that old. So maybe I’m in the clear.

    The giveaway will run until May 7 and at that time all prize codes will be sent to your inbox 🙂

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