Hi there!

Welcome to The Hollar-days blog!

I am Abby, wife to Julian and mama to Margot.  Julian and I married in 2011 after dating for 4 years in college and Margot was born in July of 2015. I am the author behind The Hollar-days blog and owner of Consider The Lilies Paper Co. We live in a beachy town in coastal LA and you can often find us playing in the sand or chasing Margot down to the water. Because of our love for adventure coupled with having family in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and France, we travel more than most sane people with a baby. We love, love, love entertaining and having people in our home. Julian and I often joke that our place is a revolving door to visitors and guests. I rarely have on 2 of the same socks under my shoes and I’m probably that laugh worthy person next to you at a stoplight, singing and dancing by herself in the car. I will be the first to say that we definitely don’t have it all figured out. Actually, most days I’d probably say I have nothing figured out! Theres always crumbs on our floor, play dough stuck to the carpet, laundry to be dealt with, and dishes in the sink….but hey, let’s just focus on the fun stuff for now 🙂

On my blog you’ll find snippets of our life and travels, watercolor tutorials, DIY ideas, recipes, and a lot in between. I have a hearty love for family cuddle time, dance parties, & oversized indoor plants.

I hope you stick around!